The next big destination in Australia for cycling Holidays

The town’s name is derived from an aboriginal word meaning ‘valley’.

It is one of the highest settlements of its size in Australia, at 918 metres above sea level. Originally situated on land that is now part of Lake Jindabyne, the township was transferred to its present location in the 1960s due to the damming of the Snowy River as part of the Snowy Mountains Scheme.

This area inspired the legendary poems and stories of the mountain horsemen, who were most famously immortalised in Banjo Paterson’s The Man from Snowy River.

Perched on the edge of a lake that’s half the size of Sydney Harbour, Jindabyne is like an adventure base camp for the Snowy Mountains, providing easy access to skiing, fishing, mountain biking, cycling, trail walking, running, camping, horse-riding and water sports. The low traffic, rolling roads, make it the perfect location for our Alpine Retreats.

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