Triple A – Australian Alpine Ascent Triathlon

Distance:  3km swim, 113km ride, 22km run

Jindabyne 10 March 2018

Another great event held in the Snowy Mountains by Elite Energy

“The Australian Alpine Ascent (AAA) Festival is specifically designed to be the world’s most gruelling set of single day challenges held within daylight hours. The festival includes two trail runs 25km and 50km.

You’ll cross through the scenic Kosciuszko National park, with a stunning start and finish at Charlotte Pass Village; it’s brutal, but it’s beautiful and the courses have been designed to showcase the very best of the Snowy Mountains along the way.

This Festival is quickly becoming the Southern Hemispheres benchmark event, testing speed, stamina and strength and is expected to draw a world-class group of endurance athletes set to take on new heights Down Under.”

Having moved to Jindabyne in November 2017, I decided to enter the Triple A triathlon, which was based on home ground, meaning I could train on the race course and get very familiar with it. I set myself a race goal and recruited Bec Hoschke from Racingheart Triathlon and Multisport Coaching, to get me race ready in 10 weeks. Bec had coached Sarah Anne for the Ironman Western Australia in 2014, where Sarah anne placed 3rd in her age group .

Under the wonderful guidance of Bec, focus from me as an athlete to do the best I could do in this event in a short  amount of time, excited to race in my favourite place Jindabyne.

Race day came, with perfect conditions on the lake for the 3km swim. It felt like I was the only one out there, thinking I was coming last. Exiting the water, coming into transition to have my partner had me my cycle gear ( I think I took my time changing in the tent –as the race commentator was asking why I was taking so long in there???)

Rolling out of transition and riding towards Deadhorse gap was exciting, having to calm myself down and get into a rhyme knowing I had a goal of reaching the top and getting to the checkpoint at Bullocks flat where I would see my Support crew for the 1st time on the road. Grabbing more nutrition and taking off some layers of clothing I set off for the next section which was a fast downhill, then turning left to start the hard climb up to Charlottes pass Village. Having my support Vehicle frog leap ahead, allowed me to grab water ahead, and also change my cycle tri shoes to my main cycling shoes. Climbing towards Perisher felt like I was the only rider out there, but I knew I was doing well, as no rider was overtaking me. I learnt the I was only a few kms away from another female.

Heading into Transition 2 in Charlottes Village, I racked my bike, but could not find my support crew to change into my run gear, so Ii lost a few mins waiting around, till my pacer turned up and we set off together. I was joined by my partner on his mountain bike. All 3 of us headed  towards Mt Kosciusko, the highest peak of Australia. This was a tough uphill run off 11 kms, having my support team encourage me and keep me focused on chasing down the female in front. Having reached the top, I knew that the decent would be fast, so I dug deep to close the gap. I became quiet just focusing on my breathing and next foot forward, trying to keep some form of running style together. Knowing I had just 2 kms left of the race was the hardest part of the day, and remembered a technique to get angry to get the passion to dig deeper.

I crossed that finish line completely spent, so happy I left nothing out on the course. Having an amazing support crew, and wonderful friends also competing out on the course was great as we cheered each other on.

I only found out that night that I had come 3rd overall Female in the race.